1. “What is the difference between “Ávila” and the “AVILA”?

Ávila” is a World Heritage City near Madrid where the “on-site” lessons  take place (face to face lessons, Sp. “clases presenciales”).

And the “AVILA” is the name of the professional learning management system platform engineered by Moodle which we use to carry out the distance programmes: “Aula Virtual Lingüístico Abulense” (Avila Virtual Linguistic Auditorium). “Abulense” is an adjective, referring to the name of the city of Ávila.

The image of the “AVILA” is inspired by the picture “aterrizaje in Ávila” (“arriving in Ávila”) by the very much appreciated contemporary artist Eugenio López Berrón  (enlace a: http://www.arteinfantas.com/p_lopez_berron_nueva.htm)


2. Why choose a distance learning programme with IEMA-online?

Due to IEMA’s years of teaching experience, IEMA’s teaching quality, guaranteed and accredited by official and private institutions, its large variety of teaching methods, the professional teaching platform and the qualities of your tutor

High degree of flexibility and convenience for you: during the majority of the programme you are able to organize your timetable and schedule according to your preferences, for example after your daily work; also, you can access the course from your private space

Technical problems generally don’t have any impact on your learning programme. Problems arise for example when you take a course mainly based on Skype or other distance programmes which require that you are on-line at the same time as your tutor: you will have to face problems such as inappropriate sound quality, interruption of the internet connection, etc. Other problems are unpredictable such as changes of schedule and timetable, coming late to lessons etc. This is inconvenient for you as you can miss lessons you have paid for and for both parties it may be difficult to have this lesson at another time.

It means less logistics and more economical input: you don’t need to buy a flight, and you do not have to buy food and accommodation


3. “May I get a IEMA-online course without tutor?”

Yes. This is less expensive than a tutored programme. However, tutored lessons are more serious and efficient. We recommend you take a course with a tutor: your teacher is able to assess you and evaluate your progress at any moment and will give you the appropriate advices whenever they deems this necessary and whenever you need their help. Above all, during a programme without a tutor, you cannot study or practice in fields such as oral expression, written expression, conversation, etc.


4. “How does it work?”

see our video: …………….

Please contact us if you wish to get a written explanation


5. How do I know which course to choose?

If you want to choose any course, even any specific course you cannot find here or if you have any questions, please contact us: @......

If you would like to prepare yourself for a DELE examination you can do the level test and after this you can consult with us about your results. We will recommend which course you should choose.

If you want to do a complete DELE examination of a former real examination session and wish us to assess you please contact us.

We always recommend that you write us an e-mail so that we can give you our best advice. There are different criteria to be taken into account: how much Spanish you have studied, when, how intensive; also, your objectives, influence in the choice of the programme and its corresponding didactics and methods of approach.


6. How can I enrol in a course and when can I start?

You must complete the enrolment form on-line, also, we can send you the form by e-mail that you complete and return to us.

Upon confirmation of your place you must send the complete tuition fee which has to cover bank charges. The complete course fee has to be received at the following bank account:


Name of Beneficiary: Instituto Español Murallas de Ávila

Name of Banking Institution: Banco Popular

Branch Office: Calle Nuestra Señora de Sonsoles 102, 05002-Ávila, Spain

Account nº with IBAN code: ES89   0075 5751 91 060 30888 05


Reference: (name of student followed by \\\\\\\"IEMA-online\\\\\\\")

Once course fees have arrived we send you your personal access information for entering the platform and beginning your programme.


7. “May I pay by credit card?”

In order to guarantee the security of your bank data or credit card details etc we prefer you pay by bank transfer. This may be operated by your bank or Paypal, also you may send money through Western Union to our company. However, always make sure that the complete amount for the course will reach our bank account, so ask for the commission fees you might need to add.


8. How do I know who my tutor is?

You have access to your tutor’s profile once you have enrolled and have access to the platform. There you will find information on the tutor’s education, training and work experience.


9. I have seen in other course offers that the tutor is available only for a limited time. What is IEMA’s position on this matter?




10. What will happen if I do not start or if I am am unable to begin my course or if I do not participate regularly?

Unless there was a problem which IEMA could be held responsible for IEMA cannot be held responsible if you decide not to start the programme or not participate in the tasks as required. We are aware that due to illness, personal circumstances etc you may not be able to access your course on a timely basis; however, you should access the platform according to the instructions and directions of your tutor. Otherwise your access to the platform may be terminated after your tutor’s and IEMA’s assessment. IEMA cannot reimburse any payments corresponding to acts which are beyond the control of IEMA. We recommend that you consider taking out an insurance in your country in order to cover such eventualities or similar circumstances.


11. If, after my enrolment, I would like to change to another course, how can I do this without having to pay again?

Please consult our secretariat.

Office Hours: mo-fr. 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. / 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Telephone: 0034 920 222 773

Email: secretaria@iema.com


12. If I forget my access information, what can I do?

Contact IEMA at online@iema.com and we will send you a new access code


13. What are the levels of Spanish and what levels of DELE examinations exist?

There are examinations for each of the six levels described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; in addition, there is a specific B1 examination for high school students. All of them are designed by Instituto Cervantes following the criteria of its Curriculum (syllabus) and the criteria of the Council of Europe. They are denominated thus:

Level A1 “Breakthrough”

Level A2 “Waystage”

Level B1 “Threshold”

Level B2 “Vantage”

Level C1 “Effective Operational Proficiency”

Level C2 “Mastery”


14. Where can I find more information about the DELE examinations?

Please consult the practical guide  www.examendele.com


15. Am I obliged to sit the DELE examination if I take part in the programme?

No. If you finally decide not to sit the DELE examination or prefer to enrol in another examination level, this is possible within the officially established time frame.


16. Can IEMA help me to enrol in my DELE examination?

Yes. IEMA places at your disposal this information at www.examendele.com. There you will find a link where you can enrol within the established matriculation time frame. And if you participate in a presencial or semi-presencial course in Ávila our office will help you directly.


17. Will I get a certificate at the end of my programme, indicating the level I have reached, independently from if I take the DELE examination or not?

Yes. You must have attended at least 90% of the programme.


18. May I take “on-site” lessons in Ávila, Spain, after my distance learning?

Yes. It is the ideal complement to on-line lessons and we call it “programa semi-presencial” (blended learning, integrated learning). Depending on your objectives we recommend you to choose a group or individual programme. As a student of IEMA-online you will get a preferential rate which will be personalized depending on factors such as type of course, duration etc.


19. What are the technical requirements in order to be able to take my distance classes?

Any online system that will allow you to get on-line and allow you to communicate with your teacher, you need audio facilities for the oral exercises (listening and speaking) and also video options


20. “On my keybord I have no character ñ. What can I do?”

Each time you need to write the “ñ” you can press “alt+0241”.

However, it is more convenient to proceed the following way: each time you switch on your computer you have to press:

         1. “alt+0241”. Then

         2. select “ñ”. Then

         3. press “ctrl+c” in order to copy, finally

         4. each time you need to write “ñ” please press “ctrl+v”

You may adapt the programming of your keybord in “adjustments” for the Spanish language. In this case the key of the “ö” will be programmed for the character “ñ”. Bear in mind that the keys “z” and “y” will be exchanged


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