Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and Participation

                                          in Distance Learning Programmes at

                                           Instituto Español Murallas de Ávila


“Instituto Español Murallas de Ávila S.R.L.” (“IEMA”) offers the services specified at www.iema.com. Responsible person in charge and school principal: Dr. Rainer Rutkowski; Head Office and school building if no other place is specified to the client: Calle Martín Carramolino street nº6, E-05001 Ávila, Spain. Commercial registration number: T 67, Lib. 25, f. 121, AV-1359. Fiscal identification number: B-05133244. Contact: secretaria@iema.com, phone (0034) 920 222 773.


Data protection

IEMA is correctly registered at the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos. In order to provide a proficient service for the client, IEMA needs to receive from the client certain personal data which are required in the form. The client may request IEMA to access, change or eliminate this data any time by a certified letter or by burofax to the company’s address.

All the information asked for by IEMA is necessary in order to correctly carry out the services offered and the users can provide them voluntarily. These will be protected according to the law and treated in a confidential manner. However, in agreement with the established law (“Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, Reglamento de Desarrollo, aprobado por Real Decreto 1720/2007 el 21 de diciembre”) IEMA informs its users and those who want to take the services that they can freely access their data and cancel or change them when they wish. Users have to inform IEMA of their intentions.

The users freely decide before their matriculation that they agree to offer their data and other personal information to other users during the programmes or on the sites for free access and exchange (forums) and IEMA does not assume any responsibility in respect of this matter.

These conditions and rules of enrolment and participation as well as the included information on personal data governed by the rules of privacy regulate the use of all services, contents and other information which IEMA makes available to the user through it teaching platform and on its internet sites may be changed or adapted according to the actual legislation and in order to guarantee proper services.

Finally, IEMA informs that the company complies with the dispositions of the Spanish Law 34/2002 on the “Servicios de la sociedad de la información” (“LSSI”).


General and specific conditions

The user who visits the IEMA web sites agrees to the terms and conditions of enrolment and participation specified in the corresponding links.

These may be changed at any time according to external legal circumstances or for internal reasons so that they may guarantee a correct and efficient operation of the services offered.

The user of the IEMA services must read attentively these conditions and the FAQs before enrolling in a IEMA programme.

If the user agrees with IEMA upon receiving any specific services not described on the IEMA web sites, specific conditions will apply corresponding to these services.


Conditions of enrolment and use of services

In order to access and be able to correctly use the services the users must inform themselves on the site www. …


Reservation and payment of the programme

In order to provide the requested services the client must send to IEMA the enrolment form containing information on the student along with the services which the client wishes IEMA to arrange. IEMA extends the corresponding invoice and sends it to the client. The complete amount of the invoice has to be received at the following bank account of Instituto Español \\\"Murallas de Avila“:


Name Beneficiary: Instituto Español Murallas de Ávila

Name Banking institution: Bankinter

Branch Office: Plaza Santa Teresa 7, 05001-Ávila, Spain

Account nº including IBAN nº: ES73-0128-0210-6601-0002-6717


Reference: (name of student)


All bank charges are at the expense of the student.

The reservation will only be considered official when IEMA has received the enrolment form and payment.


Access to the services

Upon receipt of the complete course fee IEMA will send to the student the access codes in order to gain access to the platform. This access information is nontransferable and the users are the exclusive responsible persons of these data. The profile of the correctly enrolled user may not be used by a non-enrolled third party. In case of an inadequate use or technical problems IEMA has the right, upon sending corresponding information, to change this access data. The user is responsible for his profile and access data.

The users must be of legal age or have authorization and permission of their parents or tutors in order to access our services and information provided on the sites and learning platform.

The users commit to use the services, contents and tools put at their disposition according to law, the modes of a positive and prudent communication, taking into consideration ethics, morals and behave in good faith and not to use or publicise this information to third parties which would not be according to the objectives included in the IEMA web sites. Thus IEMA denies any responsibility for harm which may be caused by a user to other users and third parties by a possible inappropriate use of the contents and tools provided by IEMA.


Cancellation or non participation in the programme.

If for any reason you can not participate in the programme, the programme fee will not be reimbursed. We recommend that you take out an adequate insurance policy with an insurance company chosen by you in order to cover unforeseen circumstances.

If you enrol in “on-site” lessons (clases presenciales) or a “blended learning” programme (clases semi-presenciales) the conditions corresponding to the on-site part of the programme at IEMA, Ávila, Spain, are according to the conditions at www.iema.com.

The programme fee does not include additional expenses in order to cover further services and products which may be necessary for an appropriate participation in the programme (hardware, software, printed matters, expenses for internet access, electricity, etc.).

A certificate of attendance including name and last name of the student, denomination and type of course, programme dates and level attained (minimum attendance necessary to receive the certificate: 90% of the programme) is included in the course fee.


Hyperlinks and Intellectual Property

It does not imply automatic approval through IEMA if a user of a IEMA web site establishes a hyperlink to the contents offered by IEMA, and this does not imply that there may exist any relationship between this user and IEMA. The user who makes this hyperlink must avoid confusion; the contents of the site where to the user wishes to establish a link with IEMA must abide by the rules and actual legal terms, ethics and moral conditions. The contents of the IEMA sites must always appear with their corresponding correct address (URL) and all rights are reserved by IEMA. The fact that a hyperlink exists between IEMA and the owner of which IEMA is linked to does not imply that IEMA has given authority; for this reason IEMA rejects any responsibility in this respect.

Also, IEMA does not assume any responsibility regarding other sites of which it is not the owner due to the simple fact of having made these sites available for the user’s information.

All contents of the IEMA sites as well as its teaching platform “AVILA” are subject to the intellectual or industrial property rights, and the access to these contents and their use does not imply that IEMA cedes these rights. The user may use these contents only in a personal manner and must consult with IEMA about other uses.

Any infraction of these rules and conditions will be prosecuted through the corresponding legal actions.


Technical problems and consequences through inappropriate use of the information and contents provided by IEMA.

IEMA may not be held responsible for consequences which may arise due to technical problems which cannot be imputed to IEMA.

The contents offered by IEMA do not imply a guarantee of usefulness if the user does not proceed according to the instructions given by IEMA and its tutors.

Although all the information included on its sites and the teaching platform is offered in good faith IEMA cannot guarantee total up-to-date, accuracy and infallibility.


Court of jurisdiction

The contents of these conditions conform to the Spanish law. In case of a lawsuit all parties relinquish their court of jurisdiction and accept the court of jurisdiction of Ávila, Spain. 

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