Distance DELE courses

The courses are designed to successfully pass the DELE examination which you have decided to sit.

They are courses on strategies. Their objectives and principal advantages are:

  • to help you to hone your skills and maximize your knowledge in the corresponding Spanish level and take the final step to prepare effectively for the DELE examination
  • to familiarize yourself with the format of the DELE exams
  • to train with appropriate tasks to this specific format
  • to use a varied methodology and exercises which correspond to the DELE format in each area and type of assignment of the examination
  • the wide experience of your tutor
  • the personalized tutoring
  • thanks to the platform and our methods: flexible and independent study according to your needs, your availability and timetable is allowed


In order to choose the appropriate course we provide you with a level test. (link). In the case of any doubt we will assess you to enable you to choose the most appropriate programme to meet your objectives.

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