IEMA, established in 1989 with more than 20 years in teaching Spanish as a second language, is accredited by Instituto Cervantes (Spanish Ministry of Education).

Meeting the quality criteria required by this institution with which IEMA has maintained an agreement of collaboration since 2003 gives you the certitude to have an officially guaranteed quality service.

Distance preparation for DELE examination

IEMA has prepared many students who have passed the DELE examinations. If you would like to prepare yourself for DELE at a distance we are here to guide you through the “AVILA” (the Avila Virtual Linguistic Auditorium).

The “AVILA” is very comfortable to use and ensures an active and dynamic learning environment. It is set up in the learning management system platform engineered by Moodle. This professional tool is offering today the widest options for distance learning which are complemented through additional IT technology and programmes, as well through our own methods and techniques.

If you have any special requirements in the field of learning Spanish or if you would like to have another programme not found here please contact us.

And once you have got to know the “AVILA” we invite you to take “on-site” lessons in the World Heritage City of Ávila.

Dr. Rainer Rutkowski, Director

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