What we offer

You have the following options:

  • Distance preparation to successfully pass the DELE exam
  • You can prepare yourself at a distance before you join an intensive IEMA “on-site” programme (Sp. “programa semi-presencial”) in the city of Àvila. This combination is called “integrated learning”, “blended learning” – Sp. “programa semi-presencial”.
  • You can take classes at a distance as a complement to “on-site” lessons (“clases presenciales”) which you have taken before in the city of Ávila (“integrated learning”, “blended learning” – Sp. “programa semi-presencial”).
  • You may take any other classes related to learning Spanish such as Spanish society, culture and customs, traditions and other aspects. Contact us and we will design for you a programme according to your needs, requirements and interests.


We offer “Spanish for you”  - always taking into consideration your personal needs and interests, and with a special emphasis on training in oral skills.

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