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A “curso semi-presencial” (“Blended learning”, “integrated learning”) is a combination of classes at a distance with “on-site” classes in Ávila, Spain. Neither the first nor the second part of the lessons should represent less than 30% or more than 70% of the total coaching programme in order to be considered a “curso semi-presencial”

You may enrol in classes of any speciality – DELE preparation, Business Spanish, etc. – please contact us: ……link



  • practical: the format of the lessons allow to adapt the learning process according to your personal timetable
  • efficiency: personalized curricular approach – your tutor already knows you from the distance part of the programme. Therefore, we know what part to focus on in the on-site part.
  • ideal complement to distance classes: in order to eliminate your last doubts, to fix what you have been learning, to eliminate persistent problems, to give a comprehensive revision and final training face to face (on-site), preferably before the date of your examination. Above all, it is ideal to practice oral expression and comprehension
  • ideal complement to on-site lessons: the classes at a distance serve as a follow-up to what you have already learned. Your tutor is at your disposal in order to help to overcome any doubts and to assess you whenever you need. This teaching is based on what you have studied during the on-site part. Your advantage: we know exactly on what part we must focus in the distance part of the course.


The most efficient type of on-site classes after the virtual phase is an intensive private programme, primarily if you want to sit the DELE exam or any other examination. Also, if you have any specific requirements and needs, such as if you are planning a period, or have to fulfil a specific task, in a Spanish speaking country.


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