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The key to your success: your online tutor

A distance programme is only effective when it is a tutor-guided programme.

Who is your tutor?

Each type of course is guided by a native professor specializing in the corresponding area and subjects.

The methods used are varied and adapted to your personal interests and needs and the specific requirements of each programme. Although the “AVILA” -  set up in our teaching platform designed by Moodle - is the most comprehensive distance teaching tool at the moment, your tutor will use complementary methods such as  for example

  • Google applications
  • Video conferencing
  • Chat
  • Skype
  • Pod-cast
  • Forums for communication with your tutor and other participants which allow you to debate and exchange ideas, resolving your doubts and problems
  • Off-line methods
  • E-mail
  • Self-assessment and assessment made by your tutor to be aware of your progress
  • ...



Your tutor is a professional in DELE preparation courses - our most requested courses. Your tutor…

  • has academic studies and background in Spanish Philology and Teaching of Spanish as a second language
  • has years of practical experience in “on-site” and distance courses and curricular projects
  • has received specific training at Instituto Cervantes, such as in Curriculum, syllabus and as an examiner or corrector of DELE examinations
  • has extensive knowledge of the DELE examinations


The following points are considered of great practical advantage and benefit to the student:

  • The level test, the orientations and possible further actions provided by IEMA and the tutor will help the student with his/her decision on which DELE exam to prepare for
  • The complete didactic material, all exercises and tasks which you will be confronted with when learning with the AVILA are based on the format of the DELE examinations, and your tutor will include authentic material taken from former DELE examinations
  • You will receive intensive personalized training which will enable you to effectively tackle each assignment of the DELE examination in which you would like to enrol. Therefore … 
  • You need to know what you have to focus your attention on. Thanks to their experience in the field of the DELE examinations your tutor is able to provide you with advice and comprehensive know-how which you will need during the examination. This is an important advantage for you and most beneficial as this information is not given during the examination but affects the rating, the numbers of points which will be given during the correction of your examination papers and determine if you have passed or failed.
  • Your tutor possesses updated information in the field of the DELE examinations. At this moment, the format of the DELE examination is changing and your tutor will always inform you about the most recent trends and changes.


Although your tutor is your guide you need to participate actively in order to ensure a real collaboration and consider them as your partner. Please take into account the instructions and recommendations of your tutor. Also, we recommend that you communicate and interact with other students enrolled in the programme – as in a real classroom.

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